There is an unofficial wiki out there, where some things are taken from:

Have a look there first, if u have questions.

First caller in each war is "the" caller; unless they ask another one to take over. Dont take over unless asked. Only officers are caller unless set up before war that a non officer will be calling a war as a learning. If a non officer is to be the caller that it will be stated right before that war!

How to get develop toon (i know there are several ways, but i would do…):

  • Get ur 5 LT-Slots open. By lvl100 u should have 500 allies to open 4th and 5th slot when turning 100.
  • Invest in property first. Dont buy weapons or gears if u dont have to get further on, invest ur money in property!
  • If ur new in wars: Get a feeling for them. If ur a low lvl toon and dont have special abbilities: Ask ur members and stick to “demo buildings” unless u have a lvl where it makes sense to attack (lvl100+). Maybe a bit boring in the beginning but u will get more cc this way and can get special abbilities sooner.
  • As enforcer u stick to defense, sins and snipers stick to attack. Heavies can do both, but i prefer attack too or at least a 60:40. In case u dont know: Developers said that 75% of attack/defense count for “the other side too”; so if u have 500 attack, that will count as 375 for defense and vise versa. So if u just have like 1000 attack and 0 defense in stats u “really” have a 750 defense (but never wasted a point in it). If u would have a 500 attack and 500 defense in stats u have “really” a 875 attack and 875 defense. If ur attacker (sin or sniper) it doesn’t matter to have 175 more defense, but 175 less attack will hurt 😉

If u have questions left, feel free to ask during game, Palringo or in Group me.

Yours sincerely,