empire vs. empire

“Empire Wars” are scheduled up to 4 times a day. A very good description u find in the Wiki:

The Battlefield

What is important to know:
1) Follow calls is most important! Every war has a caller. The caller says what to do, where to attack, who can heal (only defenders are allowed to “auto-heal“), who can use armor packs and so on. Caller may change from war to war and during war! Usually officers are calling (the ones that write in green and orange). If u only follow calls, that job may seem very easy. Believe me: it is not.

First caller in each war is "the" caller; unless they ask another one to take over. Dont take over unless asked. Only officers are caller unless set up before war that a non officer will be calling a war as a learning. If a non officer is to be the caller that it will be stated right before that war!

2) At the beginning of each war it is nice to know what building is in spot number 9, how many people are in there and if there are active defenders. That is the so called backdoor. (Assas)Sins can see that building and so right from start can be attacked by alls snipers and sins. If there are no actives in this building and a lot of sins and snipers are on, it may be an option to attack b9 first. Once it is down, all other classes can attack nearest buildings (6 and 8).

3) Dont stack token! Of course there are times we do, but if caller says we attack a certain b, we attack there. Just because a player cant win on a certain target, u shall not stop attacking. Cause then we wont get anywhere. Usually only heavies stack there tokens, cause when it comes to attack a building we need every demo we can get. Then sins stack a certain amount of tk to decap opponents when they get into range. No tk, no decap. Sounds clear? It is. It is important to win a war. On a win, we get 1 class coin (cc) per 80 pts. On a loss u only get 1 cc per 100 pts. So winning makes a huge difference on the amount of cc we get. And: if we win a war, an invidivual “loss” gets u as much cc as an individual “win” at an empire loss.

4) Join a war as soon as possible. Until u join every 5 minutes a token is generated. After joining it will be every 3 minutes. As Enforcers u can stim people who “are late” and didn’t join. Use of this skill will wake up the target if they are sleeping. This means: Their token will generate on same number as they would have joined. Makes a huge difference for late commers. And it may determin the result of the war!

5) After u join a war, first thing to do is: put 1 token into nuke until it is initiated (no matter what lvl u have). During initiation phase nuke Needs 5 token of 5 different ppl to get initiated. The sooner it is initiated the longer it can charge power => The longer it can charge power, the more damage it does!

6) Dont stim targets with boobie traps! Stimming removes all negative status effects from a target and grants a small amount of “immunity” to that target for most negative status effects (does not resist explosives), but it makes boobie traps go off!